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Further information on how to access Mazars Signals is set out below.

1.1.1. I am a client of Mazars. Does that mean I am given access automatically?

If you are a Mazars client, you will automatically receive an email stating your username and the option to create a password. If you did not receive this email, please contact your Mazars contact person or call +49 40 28801 2880.

1.1.2. I do not want to use Mazars Signals anymore. Where do I unsubscribe?

If you do not want to use Mazars Signals anymore, please contact your Mazars contact person. Alternatively, send an email to State which username you wish to unsubscribe. After you have unsubscribed, you will receive a confirmation that you have successfully unsubscribed from Mazars Signals.

1.1.3. Are there any extra costs for using Mazars Signals?

No, there are no additional costs for using Mazars Signals.

1.1.4. Is my information in Mazars Signals safe and secured?

Mazars Signals is an online platform in which every client has a personalized, secured account. Clients log in from a secured environment. Login data are always personal and you have a personalized level of authorization. Only authorized persons can view and/or sign returns and/or financial statements for filing purposes. Your income tax returns are personal and can only be viewed from your personal page.

Your Mazars Signals login data are personal. For security reasons, we ask you not to share these with third parties.

1.1.5. How can Mazars Signals be accessed?

Mazars Signals is compatible with every (modern) browser.

Mazars Signals can be accessed through the following browsers:

  • Chrome, Version 83.0.4103.116 or higher
  • Firefox, Version 78.0 or higher
  • Opera, Version 69.0 or higher
  • Safari (speziell für iOS-Geräte), Version 13 or higher

1.1.6. How can Mazars Signals be accessed?

Mazars is not affected by the Okta security breach of October 2023. We received the following official statement from Okta:

''Dear Customer,

Okta Security has identified adversarial activity that leveraged access to a stolen credential to access Okta's support case management system.

The threat actor was able to view files uploaded by certain Okta customers as part of recent support cases. It should be noted that the Okta support case management system is separate from the production Okta service, which is fully operational and has not been impacted. In addition, the Auth0/CIC case management system is not impacted by this incident.

All customers who were impacted by this have been notified. This email is an informational message. If you are an Okta customer receiving only this message, there is no impact to your Okta environment or your support tickets.

Within the course of normal business, Okta support will ask customers to upload an HTTP Archive (HAR) file, which allows for troubleshooting of issues by replicating browser activity. HAR files can also contain sensitive data, including cookies and session tokens, that malicious actors can use to impersonate valid users. Okta has worked with impacted customers to investigate, and has taken measures to protect our customers, including the revocation of embedded session tokens. In general, Okta recommends sanitizing all credentials and cookies/session tokens within a HAR file before sharing it. 

Attacks such as this highlight the importance of remaining vigilant and being on the lookout for suspicious activity. We are sharing the following Indicators of Compromise to assist customers who wish to perform their own threat hunting activity. We recommend referring to our previously published advice on how to search System Log for any given suspicious session, user or IP. Please note that the majority of the indicators are commercial VPN nodes according to our enrichment information. 


Further information on how to log in and changing your password is set out below.

2.1. Mazars Signals username

2.1.1. What is my username?

Your Mazars Signals username is the e-mail address where you receive information on Mazars Signals. If you do not know your username, please contact your Mazars contact person or send an email to

2.1.2. Can I change my username (e-mail address)?

If you want to change your username, please contact your contact person or send an email address to

2.1.3. I do not have a personal e-mail address. How can I log in?

Mazars Signals only works with personalized usernames. Hence your username is your personal (and unique) email address. This is how your personal environment is secured.

Do you not have a personal email address, but you share it with a person who also wants to use Mazars Signals? If so, you are obliged to submit a personal email address to your Mazars contact person.

2.1.4. I did not receive a username and password. How can I log in?

As a client of Mazars, you will automatically receive an email stating your username and the option to create a password. Did you not receive this e-mail? Please contact your Mazars contact person or send an email to

2.2. Mazars Signals password

2.2.1. Can I change my password?

You can change your password yourself. You can do so via the ‘My Profile’ button. You can request a new password if you click the button ‘Change password’.

2.2.2. What conditions does the Mazars Signals password have to meet?

Mazars Signals requires the use of a strong password. This means that, when changing the password, it needs to meet a number of conditions:

  • The password must contain at least one capital letter.
  • The password must contain at least one numeral.
  • The password must contain at least one punctuation mark.
  • The password may not contain any part of your username.
  • When changing the password, you cannot use any of the most recent 3 passwords.

2.2.3. I forgot my password, what can I do?

Please contact your Mazars contact person or send an email to

2.2.4. I cannot see any window to enter my credentials. What can I do?

Please be sure that you have installed the newest browser version on your computer or mobile device. If this is the case and you still cannot see any window to enter your credentials, please contact your Mazars contact person or write us an email at

2.3.Multi Factor Authentication

As a client you have to use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to log into Signals. Please check our MFA page to see all details regarding MFA.



Further information on using Mazars Signals, such as account management and any error messages, is set out below.

3.1. Account management

3.1.1. How do I add a new contact person?

By adding a new contact person, you can authorize others to view and/or submit returns for a company. Adding a new contact person with corresponding authorization must be arranged through your Mazars contact person

3.1.2. What to do when a contact person leaves the company?

Notify Mazars Signals of the change in personnel through your Mazars contact person, as soon as possible. The account of this user will be deactivated and a new account created, if required. You are personally responsible for timely notifying Mazars of any staff changes.

3.2. Various notifications in Mazars Signals

When using Mazars Signals, you may receive an error or ‘page not found’ message. Further information on what to do in that event is set out below.

3.2.1. Do you receive a ‘page not found’ message?

Perhaps the page you tried to access is no longer available. Try once more or log in again. If still unsuccessful, please contact us. You can either contact your Mazars contact person or send an email to


Do you have any questions other than mentioned above? Please contact Mazars Signals support by sending an email to


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